Cancer – Strikes Anybody, Anytime!

‘Why me?’ & more so ‘How me?’ were persistently ringing in my mind as soon as the Dreaded Disease struck.  As a Lifestyle Healer having led a Life full of Positivity, Passion & Balance I Never had any Ailment like BP, Diabetes or such.

Mere Mortals we all are and Cancer can strike without warning across Age / Profession / Social Status! Mine was a case of Sigmoid Colon Cancer. They found a huge 8 x 5 x 2cm Malignant Tumour in my gut. This they said would need minimum one year to grow to that level. No symptom or pain had existed during that preceding year.

Over the next few days / weeks we worked with nearly 6 doctors, mostly Oncologists to understand the full picture and line of treatment. This was done largely to satisfy the fear which loomed like dark clouds over my Life, Wife Kavita, sons Mohit, Karan and concerned family & friends. Somehow deep down in my mind though there was mild fear, I was determined and ready to tackle it all on with Natural Treatments and surely without Chemotherapy.

Persistence paid and we all agreed unanimously to go whole hog. This ailment had forced upon us a lull from which we did not know when we would emerge. Every time someone asked about my health, I told them the details. People offered assistance, advice, personal stories or simply their best wishes.
Having heard of so many cases of suffering, specially meeting patients one on one in the waiting room of clinics, my problem felt really trivial.

While I was in the ICU post-surgery my son had been informed of miraculous treatment and cures by 92-year-old Dr Yeshi Dhonden of Tibet personal physician to His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.
This was endorsed by many other friends and our Journey for wellbeing took us to his clinic at Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.

Fortunately, subsequently tests & scans could no longer find cancerous cells in my body.

This would not have been possible without the person I, even before my cancer, referred to as my ‘Life’, my awesome wife Kavita. If one moment she was my loving companion, the next she could be a teacher knocking sense into me. She went to maddening lengths so that I ate the right food and stayed away from infections. All of it came at a price – her stress levels peaking and it showed. I’ve promised to never ever make her worry about my health. Mohit & Karan were the formidable forces standing by me through tough times, joined by closest beloved friends & family members Mahesh, Shalini, Vinod, Priya, Aruna, Jyoti, Usha, Savi, Reshma, Ajay, Meera, Sheela, Zahir, Jamila, Jatin, Rakesh and Mahesh Menda for their Love Care & Support.
Significant Solace came from Blessed Soul Bijal, who introduced us to Positive Universal Vibrations of OM Chanting / Healing! Eternally Grateful to them all!

Cancer can make one’s spirit shattered, to begin with that is. It’s a dreadful disease but one from which we are at a safe distance or so we all would like to believe. Cancers associated with habits aside, the disease can affect anyone. After all, it is a cell which goes rogue and randomly multiplies. Having said that, I must add that cancer is weak after all and It is made weaker by a spirit that is both happy and strong.

Definitely I’m not the only Cancer Survivor, but Truly Blessed to have Survived and Sustained without Drastic Side Effects / Scars.

We have made it our mission to offer guidance and strength through counsel to Cancer Patients and Relatives, Please feel free to reach out: +919049996866



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