CANCER CHANGED MY LIFE! Of course for the Better! NO Chemotherapy, Natural Treatment! NO Side Effects!!

On the 30th of June I had rather uneasy feeling & pain in my gut, I let it pass with usual dose of antacid. The Lifestyle Healer in me arose.
Later on the day had gone by rather smoothly. The following day, 1st July was the 60th wedding anniversary of my Parents and instead of celebrating we were only nursing my pain. In the middle of the night, wee hours of 2nd July the gut was screaming in agony which led us to the Hospital for examination and a shot of pain killer. Returned home and slept off for around 3-4 hours to be woken again by more miserably intense pain.

The afternoon of that fateful Sunday took us to the Hospital and after routine tests like X-Rays, Sonography & CT Scan, I was told that they would need to cut my gut open in the next couple of hours as it was in a critical stage of perforation.

It was the first time that I was admitted in a Hospital to be Operated upon in my near 60 years of a rather Healthy Lifestyle (in spite of all the so called negative intake, both food & drinks throughout my Adult Life).
I guess I must have done something right to be fit and fine thus far, of course mainly due to the support system of my Awesome Half, my Life, my Wife Kavita and my two loving caring Sons Mohit & Karan!

Dr Sudhir Jadhav, My Life Saver, most awesome Human, Gastro Surgeon told us that it would be a two hour OT procedure and all would be well; by this time on my forehead was cold sweat, the mind was agitated. My closest and beloved family members, brother Mahesh & Shalini had come over for support to be later joined by Vinod, Priya & Mohit.
My case turned out to be Sigmoid Colon Cancer. They had found a huge malignant Tumour in my gut and the two-hour surgery extended to nearly 8.5 hours. Sigmoid Colectomy was performed and I was moved to ICU for the next 36 hours with ventilator support system. I was oblivious, obviously under anaesthesia and all Family worried no end.

On the 5th July, Mohit my elder son broke the news of Dreaded Disease ‘CANCER’  to me and the first thing that ran through my mind was:

My Zest and my Love for Life, “Joie de Vivre” is only going to grow stronger and I swear that we are going to beat the shit out of this.
We will deal with this and deal with this well. Cheers, C’est La Vie!

I was also lucky in that I did not suffer a single symptom besides the gut pain associated with my ailment.

Cancer came as a pause. Thankfully in leaving, it gave me the opportunity to Reset.

A Life Testing experience was to begin….

to be concluded…..



4 thoughts on “CANCER CHANGED MY LIFE! Of course for the Better! NO Chemotherapy, Natural Treatment! NO Side Effects!!

  1. Madhulika Singh says:

    Though distant, never having met; our common associate is your soulmate, I stay close to you. Sending you healing energies. Keep us in the loop. I am Kavita s school mate and your fan.

  2. Faruk says:

    Faruk here u r a strong person ur will power will fight all the odds in life…..I have seen u smiling always…so keep smiling

  3. Bela kharshikar says:

    Wow it was really touching’s truly shows how thirsty you are for living your life .and your strong will power. .you are truly a warrior.
    But it was not not possible without kavitas love for you her strong prayers and stand by you with smily face ..hatts of to your son without bending emotionally they accept it and help you to fight against it.
    After all god almighty and universe is the most inspiring n blessings you received …of course this is your life e prince might change your life …
    Welcome back to every moment …
    May Sai bless you and your family
    It’s a victory Mohan you nailed it…

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