Lose That FAT! We Did It, You Can Do It Too !!

Pics from our “Fat” misery days (1992, when I was 29 and Mohan was 34):


I was anemic for most of my life and knew that it was the prime reason of my suffering lethargy & stress. After marriage I naturally got overweight and suffered from severe chronic migraines, hypertension (high BP) and palpitation of the heart for which I was also admitted to the hospital and I tried many Doctors (allopathic & homeopathic). Instead of helping, the prescribed pills and medications only added to my misery with side effects like skin allergy, rash, anxiety & loss of sleep. I have also undergone the agony of two miscarriages which added to my misery.

Mohan was also overweight and suffered from severe acidity, lethargy and had to bear the agony of a lump of the size of a grape in his innards. We also tried numerous workouts & diet programs, but nothing worked… until we realized that we had to rely on ourselves to lose weight and be fit. It seemed like a nightmare, having so little time on our hands since we were both busy with daily routine and chores. Mohan was tied up in his ever demanding business and I was busy raising my two boys and caring for Mohan’s ailing parents.

SlimSutra was the Need of the Hour !!

Once I started working on our SlimSutra- The Holistic Mantra to Be Slim & Well. Stay Slim & Fit. Naturally!

I lost 10-12 kgs (20-24 lbs) in 45 days.
Later steadily I shed another 8-10 kgs!
Totally I lost between 20-22 kgs (40-44 lbs) and 3-4 inches from my waist and hips!
Mohan lost nearly 20 kgs (40 lbs) and 4 inches off his waist in less than four months.

What is even more amazing is that Mohan and I have kept every single kilo (pound) that we lost, off for over 12 years now!


After Weight Loss Pics (2004, 2008, 2013 and 2014):

Image061  DSC_6284 DSC01529Jpeg

I am now age 50, in great spirits and mother of two lovely & Healthy boys Mohit, age 27 & Karan is 22, both follow our program.
Mohan is also in prime health at age 56.

Not only did we Lose Weight and Reduce in Size but also have managed to remain well & fit.
All this without any Medication, Products, Supplements or Diets of any kind!!

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