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Hi. My name is Kavita. I was born at Mumbai on the 11th of October, 1963.

My parents arranged as is customary in India, for me to marry Mohan the only child of Mrs. Mani and Mr. Gopaldas Menda, who were very simple & modest souls and patriarch of a large and immensely powerful family. Our wedding ceremony & reception was held on the 1st of February, 1985 in fairytale fashion at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai with a guest list consisting of Royalty, Heads of State, Ministers, Industrialists, Socialites, Celebrities and above all a great well knit Family.
It was the most memorable and inspiring day in my life. To see pictures please follow the link: Kavita and Mohan Wedding Pictures

The family tree –
Mohan’s Grand Parents, Smt Shantidevi & Shri Bhojraj Menda, an extremely successful Businessman & Visionary, whose successors today reap the Rewards of their Legacy of Deep Rooted Love & Family Values.
Shri Gopal Menda and his younger brother Shri Ghansham established an Electronics Business in Bombay, distributing & retailing products of Murphy, Garrard UK, Novino, Sony, Dysan, BPL, Videocon etc.
The other two brothers Shri Ramesh & Shri Mahesh are based in Dubai for over 3 decades, in association with His Royal Highness Sheikh Hasher Al Makhtoum of UAE.

Seven Sisters of Shri Gopal Menda are also married into reputed families viz:

Shri G.G. Makhija of Superphone,
Shri P.P. Chhabria of Finolex Group,
Shri Girdhari P. Hinduja and Shri S. P. Hinduja of the Hinduja Group,
Shri S.T. Wadhwa of Aerolex,
Shri Mohan Shroff of Shroff Exports
Dr. P.P.Chhabria, Head Of Radiology, Milwaukee, USA.

Success runs in the Family and the above is just an illustration of the philosophy, conviction &motivation with which Mohan & I founded SlimSutra –

“Make it happen” and not to settle for anything but the best!!

Mohan started his career at the tender age of 12, learning with his father and uncles at the showroom. He was personally involved in the selling of all the products. In 1979, he was deputed to London for training with the Sethia Group of Companies where he obtained hands on experience in International Trade, Commodities, Bullion, Shipping, Travel (IATA), and Forex etc. In 1982, he set up a successful software + hardware venture, and in 1991 a Courier company amongst other ventures.

The essence of Our endeavor in Life is summed up in the lines of Robert J Frost-
“ I have promises to keep… and miles to go before I sleep!”

SlimSutra was the Need of the Hour !!

I was anemic for most of my life and knew that it was the prime reason of my suffering lethargy & stress. After marriage I naturally got overweight and suffered from severe chronic migraines, hypertension (high BP) and palpitation of the heart for which I was also admitted to the hospital and I tried many Doctors (allopathic & homeopathic). Instead of helping, the prescribed pills and medications only added to my misery with side effects like skin allergy, rash, anxiety & loss of sleep. I have also undergone the agony of two miscarriages which added to my misery.
Mohan was also overweight and suffered from acidity. We also tried numerous workouts & diet programs, but nothing worked… until we realized that we had to rely on ourselves to lose weight and be fit. It seemed like a nightmare, having so little time on our hands since we were both busy with daily routine and chores. Mohan was tied up in his ever demanding business and I was busy raising my two boys and caring for Mohan’s ailing parents.
We then began the mission to develop a weight loss and wellness plan for us, by reading numerous articles in magazines, books and from the internet on the subject. Initially it was not smooth sailing because of abundant controversy about what was specifically good or bad for us.

Our perseverance and pursuit led us to meet our Mystic Spiritual Guru.
During our first meet with our Guru, He had taken a vow to not reveal his identity.
He instantly discovered in us the spark and the will to find a Solution for our myriad of disorders and advised us to take the path that We are on today.
Our interest grew as he began teaching us His Mantra of Holistic Health defined as an approach to life and healing that recognizes Nature’s artful balancing of the elements of the body and that one’s environment & lifestyle, relevant diet, personal habits and emotional health all have a profound influence on our wellness. A lifestyle which maximizes on the body’s natural drive of self-healing and self-regenerating, not only to survive, but to be well. Above all He taught us the eternal Mantra that
We are all Unique as Unique as our fingerprint.”

He explained in detail that this was the primary reason that no one has found a long term solution in any faculty of learning or science for most Health related problems from the smallest to the most complicated disorders.
He added that even Doctors from all the relevant sciences and their loved ones were suffering as any other person.
Our Guru also taught us the healing art of Acupressure. The next few months were our turning point for the Positive.
Once I started working on this Mantra or Program, I lost 10-12 kgs (20-24 lbs) in 45 days.
Later steadily I shed another 8-10 kgs!
I lost between 20-22 kgs (40-44 lbs) and 3-4 inches from my waist and hips!
Mohan lost nearly 20 kgs (40 lbs) and 4 inches off his waist in less than four months.

I am now age 54, in great spirits and mother of two lovely & Healthy boys Mohit, age 30 & Karan is 25, both follow our program.
Mohan is also in prime health at age 59.

What is even more amazing is that Mohan and I have kept every single kilo (pound) off that we lost, for over 17 years now.

Not only did we Lose Weight and Reduce in Size but also have managed for over 17 years to remain well & fit.
All this without any Medication, Products, Supplements or Diets of any kind!!

We began to share this Mantra with many and our work was appreciated giving us the encouragement to fuel the passion and we launched:

SlimSutra- The Holistic Mantra to Be Slim & Well. Stay Slim & Fit. Naturally!

SlimSutra Cares Best for all your Weight Loss and Total Well being needs. For this we have access to a fine team of Experts, Fitness & Wellness Consultant, Nutritionist, Dietitian and Doctors.

We are ever so grateful to our Revered Master GURU, our Dear Parents, the entire Family, Relatives and Friends. We are also proud of the Love & Support of our lovely boys Mohit and Karan.

We dedicate our success to all who put their trust in us and those countless we aim to reach.

With Best Regards,

Kavita Mohan Menda,
Founder, Natural Healer & Personal Lifestyle Coach

Please Download our Powerpoint Presentation Here:  SLIM SUTRA PRESENTATION



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